The Rules

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The Rules

Every league member (performer) must be 21 years of age or older and must have read and agreed to the BMore Karaoke rules and waiver of liability.

Each performer must wear his or her team t-shirt while performing, but may wear costumes so long as the team t-shirt remains visible. If a performer fails to wear his or her league t-shirt, league staff have the right to enforce consequences aligned with the rules grievance procedures. T-shirts may be modified, but the t-shirt must remain wearable, and worn above the waist during performances, for the duration of the season.

All karaoke league members must abide by all laws regarding alcohol consumption. Further, all rules of the host establishment shall be strictly enforced. Rowdy, disrespectful, violent or otherwise problematic league members may be subject to disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to disqualification, suspension or expulsion from league activities.

Performers must follow all local laws and regulations. Prohibited behaviors (also known as the "R-E-S-P-E-C-T Rules") shall include: hanging/climbing on or around venue structures, throwing or tossing items into the crowd/audience or at venue equipment, using or spraying any hard-to-clean material, including but not limited to glitter, confetti, water or other liquids, paint, glue, powder, and silly string, and any other actions or behaviors that damage or have the potential to cause damage to the venue, staff, audience, teams, or equipment. The use of aerosols, such as whipped cream, should be used in a way that maintains safe and clean surfaces. Live animals or pets are prohibited, unless otherwise permitted by local laws and regulations. When in doubt, ask a member of league staff.

Teams must clean up after themselves before leaving the venue, including discarding or taking home all unfinished food, trash, props, costumes, and other items.

Leagues may establish a system of consequences for the purposes of enforcing these rules.

Each division shall be composed of six (6) teams of no more than eight (8) performers, unless otherwise permitted by league staff. Teams with fewer than eight (8) performers may be combined with smaller teams or have free agents added to them.

No team members can be added after Week 2 of the regular season. Changes to team rosters after Week 2 are at the discretion of league staff.

Each team should have at least two (2) male and two (2) female performers.

One (1) member of each team shall act as "team manager." A team manager is responsible for submitting weekly setlists, requests for substitution, or grievances. If a team manager cannot perform his/her duties on any given week, he/she shall appoint another team member to act as manager for that week.

The regular season lasts for eight (8) weeks long and is followed by two (2) additional weeks for the semi-final round and finals.

Each evening of league play consists of three (3) consecutive rounds of play. In the first and second rounds, a member of each team sings a solo. In the third round, at least two (2) performers must sing as a "group." [Commissioner's Tip: This means that on any given night, as long as two (2) performers are in attendance, you can fully participate!]

Each performer must sing at least two (2) solos during the regular season. Group performances are not counted towards this total. Exceptions may be made if they are communicated to a league staff in advance (i.e., if a performer drops out, is unresponsive, etc.).

In the solo rounds, the performer shall sing and perform unaccompanied and they cannot receive assistance in any way. The only exception to this rule is that league staff may be used as props in solo performances.

Twenty-four (24) hours before the night begins, each team manager shall submit a list of performers (known as the setlist) of their team's performers and their chosen songs to league staff.

In the event that two teams choose to sing the same song on the same night, whoever submitted the song first will sing that particular song. The other team must select a new song by the start of the second round. In the event that it cannot be determined who submitted the song first, the team that appears first in the night’s matchups will sing the song; the other team must select a new song by the start of the second round.

If the setlist is not received within five (5) minutes of the start of the first round, the team will automatically lose their matchup for the evening.

No song may be performed twice in any one season. A list of songs that have already been performed shall be shared on the BMore Karaoke website.

In the case of technical difficulty, the team experiencing the problem will be shifted to the end of the round order and may select a new song.

If a team member is prevented from performing, the league staff must be contacted via email with the reason for substitutions. Substitutions may be considered for, but are not limited to, events resulting from the injury, sudden illness, family emergency, or work-related emergency of that team member. Should a substitution be approved, the substitute should perform the same song that the original performer planned to sing.

As the show must go on, if a performer has not arrived by the start of their solo, their team may forfeit that matchup, at the discretion of league staff. League staff may shift the performance to end of the round but only if league staff are informed before the start of the first round.

Under no circumstances will heckling be permitted. If a complaint is received about any league member showing unsportsmanlike conduct, he/she will receive a warning. If the inappropriate behavior continues, that performer’s team will lose their matchup in that round by default. If the problem continues after that, the individual(s) will be banned from the league and the division venue, without any refund of his or her registration fee.

BMore Karaoke reserves the right to permanently ban songs once determined that no one can sing them well or they're just too damn long and it's just not worth the pain. For that reason, the following songs are currently banned from both competitive play and open karaoke: "Free Bird," "Stairway to Heaven," "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" and "My Heart Will Go On."

BMore Karaoke reserves the right to ban additional songs from competitive play. These songs, banned on a season-by-season basis, shall be known as the "BK Graveyard."

Scoring of performers is conducted using an online voting system, unless otherwise determined.

Any individual wishing to cast a vote must be present at the host venue when casting their vote.

Each week, teams are randomly assigned to compete in a matchup against another team.

In each matchup, the team with the highest number of votes wins the round and receives points.

In a solo round, the team who receives the highest number of votes receives four (4) points. In a group performance round, the team who receives the highest number of votes receives six (6) points. Each week, 14 points are up for grabs in each matchup.

BMore Karaoke reserves the right to discount votes when necessary to maintain scoring integrity (e.g., eliminating multiple votes for the same team from the same person).

At no times is it appropriate to score teams "unfairly" or in any manner that does not reflect a prima facie opinion of the performance. If it is determined that a team or affiliates of a team are purposely scoring a team or teams negatively without respect to their performance, BMore Karaoke reserves the right to take necessary actions to curb such activities.

All scorers are encouraged to be supportive of the BMore Karaoke community, at all times.

At the conclusion of Week 8, the team scores will be used to determine each team's post-season rank and will be used to seed each team.

Playoffs will last two (2) weeks. The first week will be the Semifinals and the second week will be the Finals. In both the Semifinals and Finals, winners will be determined by a mixed vote: half audience, half judges.

The Semifinals will be seeded as follows:
3rd Seed vs. 6th Seed
4th Seed vs. 5th Seed
1st Seed vs. 2nd Seed

The winner of the 1st Place vs. 2nd Place matchup becomes the 1st seed in the Finals, and the runner-up of that matchup becomes the 2nd seed. In the other match-ups, the lowest winning seed advances to play the 1st seed (6th place is the lowest seed). The next lowest seed plays the 2nd seed.

The Finals will be seeded as follows:

Finals (Scenario 1)Finals (Scenario 2)Finals (Scenario 3)Finals (Scenario 4)
If 4th Place beats 5th Pace & 3rd Place beats 6th PlaceIf 4th Pace beats 5th Place & 6th Place beats 3rd PlaceIf 5th Place beats 4th Pace & 3rd Place beats 6th PlaceIf 5th Place beats 4th Pace & 6th Place beats 3rd Place
5th Seed vs. 6th Seed5th Seed vs. 3rd Seed4th Seed vs. 6th Seed3rd Seed vs. 4th Seed
2nd Seed vs. 3rd Seed2nd Seed vs. 4th Seed2nd Seed vs. 3rd Seed2nd Seed vs. 5th Seed
1st Seed vs. 4th Seed1st Seed vs. 6th Seed1st Seed vs. 5th Seed1st Seed vs. 6th Seed

In both the Semifinals and Finals, each team will have two (2) solo performances and one (1) group performance. In the Finals, the winners of the top two matchups will face off once more in a final "4th" round: a battle royale, "winner take all" group performance. In this round, only the judges will vote.

During the Semifinals and Finals, performers may sing a song that had been sung during the regular season. However, if a song is performed during the Semifinals, it cannot be performed during the Finals.

The team manager must submit songs in accordance to the regular season rules, as described in the Gameplay section of these rules.

In the event of a tie, a review of the two (2) teams' past matchup history will be used to ascertain the winner. In the event that the tie is not resolved, the team with the highest "win" count will be declared the winner.

If any team or team member believes another team or team member has violated a BMore Karaoke rule, the team manager should inform a BMore Karaoke representative of the violation before that evening’s winners are announced. Violations raised before the end of the evening will be investigated and taken into account in the scoring of that round.

If a team member discovers that another team or team member has violated one of these rules after the winners are announced, the team manager has 48 hours to inform a BMore Karaoke representative via email. Emailed grievances will be investigated, and, if necessary, may result in action against the offending team or team member in the following week. However, no adjustment to the previous week’s scores will be permitted as a remedy.

No grievance may be filed against any BMore Karaoke representative regarding scoring or the winners.

These rules may be altered or amended at any time, without notice, by United Karaoke.
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